If you haven't bought your own place or house yet, then you know what it's like to move from one place to another. When you move into a new rented home, it is likely that a large number of people have the same set of keys as you do to your new entrance door! This situation also happens when a roommate moves out, let go of a contractor, or you break up with your partner. You might not get the spare key back and you never know how many extra key are out there in the hands of complete strangers or people you no longer trust.

Re-keying Locks is Quick and Affordable Solution to your Home Safety. Call us now!


Do you think that your key is not the only copy out there? Then you might want to consider rekeying locks to restore your home security, because even when you think there is no other keys, you can not know 100% for sure that there is no duplicate somewhere out there waiting to be used!

Ottawa Locksmith Rekey

Another good reason to use the rekey service is to make all of the door locks open up with just one key. This way you don't have to carry a set of keys with you for your home or commercial use. When you need a loyal and reliable company, give us a call at 24Seven Ottawa Lock Rekey. Our team of experienced locksmith deal with rekeying locks every single day, so you will receive fast and reliable service right at your doorsteps. Our mobile services are available for the Ottawa area and we have been serving our community for many years now, earning your trust and outstanding performance.

How do you Rekey Locks?

When you seek easy solutions to change the locks for your doors, you must understand that replacing locks is your last option. You do so if and when your present locks are completely unusable or you wish to improve your security and upgrade to more advanced lock & key solutions. Now that you are familiar with the term of rekeying locks, you can safely call 24 Seven Ottawa Lock Rekey company to do the job professionally and at best prices in the area. Rekey saves money because you do not have to go and buy new set of locks and only have to pay for the technician's work. During Rekeying of locks, the inner mechanisms called tumblers and pins are altered to work with new key. The locksmith skillfully tinkers the lock cylinder and you are all set! With a unique new key, you can feel safe and sound! 24Seven Ottawa Lock Rekey technicians are professional locksmith who have vast experience and tools to make sure that the new key works flawlessly with the updated mechanism inside the lock. Now, even if there is an old duplicate key somewhere out there, it won't do the intruders any good, because it will not unlock your door!

Why should you consider Rekeying your Locks instead of just getting a new set?

It might sound confusing at first and maybe even a bit frightening - changing the inside of the lock to match up with a different key! That sounds like a sci-fi movie from Mission Impossible or Matrix. The thing is, rekeying locks is a very common job we perform and it works perfectly in case you want to secure your home after moving into a new house, or to create a master key to unlock all doors with one key. Maybe you lost your keys or someone stole it from you. Whatever reason, you want to feel safe in your own house, and minimizing the chances of intruders getting in is the best way to stay protected. Get rid of the duplicated keys by simply rekeying locks to work with a new unique key that only you have access to!

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