Why do you need to change locks? New House  Locks Change 

The obvious reason to replacing the lock is a broken key or lock itself. You will not want to wait a second longer if you see that your key is broken, stuck inside the lock, or the lock itself doesn't seem to work property. Lost keys is often another reason for the need to replace the locks. You definitely want to change the locks after a break in, because in most cases the locks are completely damaged and you do not want the break in to repeat again.

The locks on your doors are the necessary means of protection for your home and business. The lock is basically your main shield against the intruders from outside world. In some cases, the locks require replacement.

Some more reasons for changing a lock can be:

• Key doesn't go smoothly into the lock anymore or it just turns but doesn't unlock the door or car.
• You can feel the need to apply some kind of force to unlock the door. It doesn't open easily and doesn't close well either. 

Now, why would you want to call a locksmith to change locks or rekey?

There are many reasons to request a rekey service, mainly when you move into a new apartment or a house and you have no idea who had access to your current locks prior your arrival. You also might want to rekey the locks after a breakup with your ex partner and you do not want him or her to have access to your property any more. There is also a need to rekey if you have given your keys to service providers, such as cleaning or remodeling companies and they have either completed the contract with you or you have fired their services.

Replacing locks is our profession. We are available for reliable job 24 hours a day. You must find a company that provides you with professional and experienced work. We have years of experience in locksmith and our technicians deal with lock replacement daily. We are the reputable services you call when you need to replace the locks in Ottawa or any other surrounding area. We are reliable, fast and friendly experts.

24 Seven Ottawa locksmith Services include:

  • Home Security Locks and Keys
  • Lockout rescue for home, car and office
  • Change Lock Cylinder
  • Commercial locks solutions
  • High Security Locks installation
  • Digital keypad locks replacement, installment and repair
  • Rekeying Locks for your home and business

 We offer our loyal customers fast and reliable services at the affordable prices, always with a smile and professional advice. If you aren't sure what exactly you need, give us a call and our representatives will give you full consultation over the phone for free.