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Q: Do I need Master Key?

Business owners, for example, tend to switch from bunch of keys to just a single master key for all the locks. Master keying can turn 2 completely different unique keys to open one lock. Master key is created in such way that it can open large number of specific restricted zones in your office, factory, home, garden, hospital and so on. 

Q:   I want to get Locksmith Equipment. Can you sell it to me?
A:  You are not allowed to purchase the locksmith tools. It is illegal in most states and locksmith should never sell entry tools to anyone.
Q:   I need a key that can open any door. Do you have one?
A:  No there isn't just key, however there is a "master" key that can unlock several pre-defined locks. The need for such locks can be found in offices, hospitals, schools and hotels.  
Q:   I just moved in to a new apartment. Should I change the locks?
A:  Whether to get new locks or not is entirely up to you. Try to answer these questions: Do you trust your landlord? When was the last time the locks were replaced? Do you mind if your landlord just walks in on you taking a shower one day? Still want to keep the old locks in?
Q:   Do I have to use professional locksmith services? Can I try to break in myself?
A:  Experienced locksmiths know exactly what needs to be done in any given situation without damages. While trying to break in on your own might sound tempting, you might end up with more issue than you started with. It is worth calling a professional locksmith to do the job effectively and efficiently.
Q:   My key is marked with "Do Not Duplicate". Can you make a spare?
A:  Keys with such wording on them can be duplicated only with the authorization from the owner or supervisor. In order to make a duplicate of the key, you must present a filled out "request for restricted keys" form, signed by the owner.  
Q:   My lock seems to be jammed. What can I do?
A:  In most cases, just a small amount of light penetrating oil should do the trick. You can buy it at the local supermarkets and hardware stores. It is advisable to spray not only on the key itself, but also into the keyhole. Make sure that you know how to assemble the lock parts back together, otherwise o not take it apart.
Q:  What is rekeying a lock and can you do it?
A: Let's say that you have bought a new house and got the key from the previous owners. Should you continue using the same key when strangers had access to it before you bought the house? How many copies of this key is circulating around? Locksmith technicians can re-key the locks to new keys an give you the security your family needs in your own home. Re-keying is also useful in case you lost your apartment keys. Trained locksmith know how to install and replace lock cylinders, lock sets and deadbolts.  
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